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    Our Mission & Philosophy

    The staff of Chandalar Innovative Learning Academy is committed to providing a high quality program for young children and their families. The program is designed to promote the development of the total individual by helping each child develop skills in the emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical areas. This goal is accomplished by providing a balanced program that includes both teacher-directed and self-selected activities, quiet as well as active experiences, and the recognition that learning occurs in both formal and informal ways.









  • What We Do

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    Growth Begins Young

    As your child develops in growth, their mind is being developed at a very fast pace. We teach your child and they enjoy themselves in the arts, while learning patience, discipline and the exploring their creativity, all while doing simple everyday task they love..

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    Technology Driven Courses

    While computers will be your child’s must have in tier future, we engage them at an early age. Our computer programs are designed to challenge them, excite them and hopefully set a path for them to be the next Rocket Scientist!

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    Interactive Learning

    Our teachers are very interactive with your child. Teaching them the functional skills of reading and reading comprehension, out teachers engage their emotions, expanding their imaginations and make the one on one time very special.

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    Security is Paramount!

    At Chandalar Innovative Learning Center, we ensure your child’s safety and monitoring by video surveillance. Our facility is housed with the latest technology that covers every room and every area outside our facility so nothing is missed. We also have a secure entrance which allows us to monitor who enters and leaves the facility.


    Our center is video monitored inside and out 24 hours a day

  • Tuition Guidelines

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    Application, Registration/curriculum Fee per child annually and non-refundable. In event the subsidy program is paying a % for your care. The parent/guardian is responsible for any difference in the amount of tuition not paid by subsidy program. The center’s weekly tuition may be greater than the amount the subsidy program allows for weekly tuition. Tuition is due in full amount on Monday mornings regardless of attendance. Payments can be made by debit/credi card or at ChildPilot.


    Note: Weekly fees are due on Monday mornings. Unpaid fees will incur a late payment charge or interruption in childcare services. Each child must be clocked in and out of the center daily. Failure to comply will result in termination of services. (No student shall be absent for more than 5 days within a month)


    Full-time Care 50 hours per week

    Part-time Care 25 hours per week



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    1968 Chandalar Office Park Circle Pelham, AL 35124
    Day 6am-6pm
    Before/After Care 3pm-6pm